Course: Beyond Basics (Trial)

This trial was completed on 1st Aug 2021.

This is the first course offered as trial, and it is limited to only ten members at this stage. The Course Co-ordinator is Trish Adams.

There is no charge for the course that started on 12th April 2021 using Zoom session between the course co-ordinator and the participants.

Participants will receive their course notes every fortnight via email, and will have a fortnight to work through the lessons. There will then be a Zoom get-together at the end of each fortnight where everyone can ask questions and hopefully discuss their discoveries.

It is anticipated that the fortnightly Zoom sessions will continue to be held on Monday nights at 7.30pm, and will probably last less than an hour.

Participants will be guided through online and offline sources to trace their own family back to the first arrivals on Australia's shores during the last 200 or so years. Along the way they will discover some fascinating (and surprising) details about family members.

Videos of each of the fortnightly sessions via Zoom are available for registered participants to download and view. Very handy if you happened to have missed any sessions or simply want to review the dicussions in more detail.